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Laurier Heights Art Society

I attended the annual Laurie Heights Arts Society October show and sale on Sunday afternoon.  The show opens for a mere 2 1/2 hours yet is always very well attended by friends and the community.  There are around 20 members in the group who paint together every Monday and Thursday and produce an amazing amount of work.  Every year in the time frame of less than three hours, they manage to sell between 5 and 10 paintings.  This out of about 60 paintings all together.  The show comes down at 4 pm and is followed by an annual dinner for members and their spouses or friends as well as some long time adherents of the group who come each year to support them.

I suppose none of this would be all that exceptional except that most members are over the age of 65 and many of them well beyond that.  The oldest member, Tom, is well into his nineties.  This amazing group of artists come together regularly to paint in oil, watercolour and acrylics and to support each other as artists and as people.  Life is real in this group.  Some of the members have recently lost spouses.  Many have health issues, some of them major and life threatening.  Some have mobility issues and are dealing with loss of independence.  Yet despite many challenges, they carry on and continue to express their love of beauty, creativity and each other.  This is a grass roots group, organized and coordinated by members and not run by younger, outside groups offering activities for seniors.

This group of Edmontonians who have each contributed much to Edmonton in their professional careers continue to be outstanding examples of people who continue to want to matter and make a difference in their community and world.  They are an inspiration to me and all those who know and love this group of fine painters.

Dispute your negative self-talk

Now that you have taken some time to think about what that little voice in your head is saying to you what now?  Hopefully you have heard some good stuff, like “Wow, are you ever doing a good job!” and “Your work is amazing!”, but chances are you haven’t.  Most of our good thoughts like that seem to be given away freely to others and denied to ourselves.  Maybe this is left over from times when Moms didn’t tell their kids they were doing good work for fear it would give them a “swollen head”.  The result has been a lot of not so “swollen heads” and a lot of people who are much kinder to others than they are to themselves.

It is time to reverse that trend and learn to be as kind to yourself as you are to others.  Take what you have said to yourself and think about saying that same thing to someone else.  Would you?  If you would, that’s fine because it probably means you are being kind but realistic to yourself and that is what you want to do.  But if it is unkind and not really helpful you might think about how you could improve what you say to yourself.  Give that a try and see what you come up with and how you feel.

Enjoy the good feelings!

Are you looking for a creativity coach?

My Creativity Coaching practice is up and running.  I am offering my services as a creativity coach for those who want to explore their creative process and be motivated to do their creative work.

See my introductory package but don’t delay, this fantastic price won’t last long.  Email me today to find out if Creativity Coaching is what you have been looking for to get your art career moving forward.  I would love to help!

Creativity Coaching helps you to learn to self-coach

Every artist needs to learn to be a self-coach.  Artists tend to spend a lot of time on their own and also a lot of time “in their head.”  Sometimes that is not a good place to be, especially if what you are hearing in your head is undermining your confidence and motivation.

I find it helpful to know that dealing with negative self-talk is not only normal but something that is not going to go away all that easily.  This knowledge helps me to realize how important it is to daily monitor my self-talk.

Are you aware of your self-talk?  You may be aware that you have a little voice in your head but have you really taken the time to listen to it?  How about writing down some of those things your hear.  This is the first step to managing your self-talk.  Go beyond just being aware of self-talk and actually write it down.  You may be surprised what you find out about your self just with this little exercise.  Try it an see what happens.

Introducing Marjorie Thomson, Creativity Coach

My name is Marjorie Thomson and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I am an artist and am currently taking comprehensive training in Creativity Coaching in order to become a better self-coach and in order to help other artists to reach their potential.  I am passionate about this work!

My goal is to provide a much needed service in the arts community.  I offer this service to writers, visual artist and performing artists of all kinds.

New Creativity Coaching Website and Blog

This is my new website and blog.  I will be updating it as I go and hope to provide tips for artists on how they can become better self-coaches.  Creativity Coaching covers many subjects and is a fascinating topic.  I love to talk to artists about how they can become more creative.  And the amazing thing is that it helps me to be more dedicated to my creative work too.  So it is really a win/win situation.

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