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Client Testimonials

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Marjorie, and my art practice has benefited greatly from the resulting insights.   Marjorie has motivated important decisions in my art career that I am pursuing with enthusiasm.  The value of Marjorie’s coaching is in the questions she asks, facilitating your growth as an artist and professional without directing your development.”  RR

“I’ve just started taking Creativity Coaching and have found it very useful already. I was in a real artist’s slump after several months of family upheaval and could not seem to get going again. The coaching has helped me to get back my enthusiasm. I’ve finished off some paintings that I’d abandoned and started on some new ones. I’ve even cleaned up my working space and prepared some pictures for a show! Thanks to Marj for her support and thoughtful ideas – just discussing problems has been helpful in getting me going again!”  KD

“For any creative person looking for some inspiration or direction on how to move forward I would recommend you look into spending some time with Marjorie Thomson. She’ll listen to what you say, help you subdue your demons and plow through your roadblocks with advice, direction and insight based on your very own personal issues and projects. Marjorie is supportive without being sappy and she is encouraging without being judgmental. That is not to say she won’t say,  “Get off the pot and on with your work!” if you are shirking or being lazy. But if you are ascairt or just stuck in the mud spinning your creative wheels, talking to Marjorie can help you get back on the road to effective creativity.”   RY