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Creative Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural part of the creative life.  No life is exempt from a certain amount of anxiety and certainly the creative life is loaded with it.  Why would this be?  Well, for one thing, being creative is not easy.  It is hard work and along with that hard work may come a great deal of self-doubt.

Take painters as example.  Not only do they have to face the anxiety of a blank canvas, but after they start they have to face the anxiety of possible failure, of possibly ruining a painting half-way through and then the anxiety of knowing when to finish.  Then they face the anxiety of deciding whether or not to show their work to others or even put it up for sale.  If the work sells there is the anxiety of wondering if they will ever do as good a painting again or if it doesn’t sell, they may have to face the anxiety of continuing on with their creative work or deciding on different kinds of project.  They may feel anxious about marketing themselves and their art.  They may also be anxious about finding enough time to do their creative work and still manage to support themselves.  The list goes on…

Wow – too much!  Well, what is the answer?  The answer is not to try to run away from anxiety.  Anxiety is there and it needs to be managed, not denied or ignored.  Running away from anxiety can take the form of too much TV watching, too much drinking, taking unneeded medication, wasting time, whiling away time shopping, anger, getting involved in dramas, etc.  All these things take the creative person away from what they should be doing and what they long to do, which is creating.

Creativity Coaching can help you identify the areas of high anxiety in your creative life and equip you with anxiety management tools to help deal with that anxiety.

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