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Creativity and Chocolate

If you are anything like me, sometimes my creative practise is like chocolate. That is, I mentally turn my creative practice into a treat that I reward myself with after I have done what I consider my real work, or my responsibilities. Just like chocolate, I know my creative practise is good for me but the problem comes when it becomes a reward. While I like the term creative practice because it implies a process rather than a product, when the word work is associated with creativity, it sets up a different mental image. When I do my creative work it isn’t a reward it is work, just like all the other work I do in a given day. And I for one like work.

I like chocolate too, but I know I should not have too much of it. In order to reach my creative goals it is not helpful for me to think of my creative work as chocolate, a treat. It is more helpful for me to think of it as work, a responsiblity I need to attend to every day.

Chocolate can be my reward for doing my creative work. I like that idea!

How about you? Is your creative time a little bit like chocolate that you use to reward yourself once you have fulfilled all your other responsibilities? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Drop me a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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