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About Marjorie

Portrait-3-WEBAbout Marjorie

My art career began about 25 years ago in a small watercolor class in Bandung, Indonesia, which I attended while living in that tropical city.  I had just completed a year of Indonesian language study and, along with my husband, Larry and our three children, was waiting for paper work to allow us to move to the island of Borneo (Kalimantan) when we would begin serving as missionaries with Canadian Baptist Ministries.  Under the teaching of a Indonesian Dutch woman I fell in love with watercolor.  I didn’t know at the time how long it would take to finally become a watercolor artist.

I lived in Indonesia for 11 years and returned to Alberta, Canada in 1997.  I wish I could say that I continually practiced my painting while in the tropics but I was busy with missionary work as well as raising and schooling our four children.  No art classes, no art books, no support equaled no painting.

When I returned to Canada I was determined to learn to paint.  I heard about a part time certificate Fine Arts Program at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension.  This program suited my needs well.  With my husband launching a new career in computer IT support (starting with two years in tech school) and the need to help my third-culture kids integrate back into a Canadian lifestyle as well as having to go back to work, art had to be squeezed into precious little time.

I connected with the Society of Western Canadian Artists about this time and there I met a lot of fellow artists and learned much from them and the monthly programs presented.  I starting showing my work and began to sell.  Eventually I settled into a stylized approach to interpreting the landscape.  My work can be seen at www.marjoriethomson.ca.  I am currently represented by the Daffodil Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta.

I am a member of the Edmonton Art Club, the Laurier Heights Art Society and a signature member of the Society of Western Canadian Artists.  I am also employed part-time by the Alberta Society of Artists as the assistant artistic coordinator.  As such I come in contact with many artists.  Art groups are very helpful for artists to network and collaborate on shows and critiques.  However, I don’t always find they are the right venue to discuss deep issues and struggles that artists face.

I would like to see that change.  I personally have struggled with many issues of discouragement and of not understanding why my motivation to create can quickly fade if I’m having a bad day.  I have known the sting of  harsh critiques of my work by insensitive people which have left me questioning my own worth as an artist.  I struggle with my own personality issues that keep me from promoting myself and my artwork and leave me vulnerable to critical self-talk.  I know other artists suffer like I have.  We just don’t talk about it!

I want to talk about it.  I want to help other artists face their fears and frustrations.  I want to be able to help them work through their struggles with knowing how to move forward in their career.  I don’t believe that I have all the answers but I do believe that I can give the kind of support every artist needs to help find those answers within themselves.  Support, encouragement, insight, knowledge, empathy – these are just a few of the skills I bring to my coaching services.  I love to explore deep, important issues in my own life and encourage other artists to do the same.  In the footsteps of Julia Cameron in ‘The Artist’s Way”, my goal is to help artists be the very best artists they can and do the creative work they were meant to do.

My philosophy of coaching is not based on any religious belief but in the knowledge that all humans benefit from caring, understanding relationships.  If we have someone to stand with us we are stronger and when we are strong and have hope we can do amazing things.  I am willing to stand beside artists and give them hope.

I am currently doing in-depth study in Creativity Coaching and am working towards certification with the Creativity Coaching Association.  I am studying with Eric Maisel, the author of over 40 books, many on the art of Creativity Coaching. Contact me