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When Words Collide 2015

ID-10020413I just returned home from When Words Collides (@WWCyyc15) in Calgary, Alberta, an award-winning festival for writers, bloggers, editors and readers mainly of fiction. It was three days of non-stop workshops, panels and lectures. Each hour participants could choose from eight or nine of these classes, depending on their interests and needs. Wow, what a weekend.

I really enjoyed volunteering because it instantly acquainted me with new people and made me feel like one of the group, even though this was my first time there. I came away having made some new friends, some of whom I hope to connect up with now that I am back in Edmonton.

People were amazingly friendly at the festival which is really interesting being that many of the people there tend towards being introverts like me. I can hold my own in a social setting but it can drain me and I enjoy being alone. I am sure this holds true for many of the attendants there.

The program really works because it is an intensive learning experience interspersed with short periods of time to connect with others and find out a bit about their creative lives. It also was a time of expanded thinking as I sat in on classes on how to use Twitter and how to self-publish as well as those of author’s like Canadian Sc-Fi writer Robert J. Sawyer who talked about his journey as an author and what has and hasn’t worked for him.

Now I find myself at home, with expectations for what I want to accomplish and instead there is work that must be done for the business, unpacking, tending a neglected garden, arranging a small birthday celebration for my husband, in short, life.

Last evening I spent a bit of my time trying out my new Twitter skills, thanks to help from Catherine Saykaly-Stevens (TheNetworkingWeb.com). Now I am writing this.

For those of you busy with life, a few minutes here or there to do even the smallest creative activity can help to make you feel like you are moving forward. In the end, that is all this creative life is, one moment, one hour, one week at a time.

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  1. Hey Marj,

    Glad you enjoyed the festival so much. Hope it becomes the jumping off point for many new adventures!


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